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Oct 25, 2021
Beneath the Surface What's your favourite colour? What type of movies do you like? What're your favourite foods?
Oct 24, 2021
Technical Writing I wrote a piece for the Shopify Engineering blog.
Oct 6, 2021
Teachers The real superheroes.
Sep 19, 2021
Fast Forward It's like I possess an image of the fast-forwarded version of my life.
Sep 18, 2021
Punjabi Wedding Punjabi weddings are a spectacle.
Sep 11, 2021
Sound I'm grateful I have the ability to hear.
Sep 11, 2021
Action Audit a person's excellences and failures through their actions.
Sep 2, 2021
7 Billion A mathematical take on the meaning of life, or delusion? Both?
Aug 29, 2021
Change To fight change is to create a large and immovable enemy in your life.
Aug 28, 2021
Height Difference My Mom interrupted saying she couldn't see what I was talking about.