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Posted at — Sep 24, 2022

This is part of the grateful series.


Fruit has to be one of the most appetizing subsets of food. Their shapes, colours, fragrances, and textures are so varied, but they all share that same essence upon consumption: nourishment.

As I prepared some strawberries, a banana and a kiwi to accompany breakfast, I couldn’t help but notice the harmony that existed on the cutting board. Despite the differences between the rich red, the mellow yellow and the graceful green, they feel coordinated.

Ironically, over the last few weeks my consumption of fruit (and vegetables) had decreased. In an effort to pack on more muscle, I’m entering a more serious bulk and have been prioritizing the uptake of my macronutrients. I have a hard time eating extraneous food as it is, but noticed that the fibre in fruits and vegetables made it more difficult. As a consequence, I slowly nullified my intake of them over time and replaced those calories with more “productive” macronutrients. Unsurprisingly, I quickly realized the effect of micronutrients on my day-to-day. Factors like my sleep quality, energy levels, skin, digestive system, and sense of immunity took a hit. In any case, I’ve started to reintroduce them.

I’m grateful for fruit.
I’m grateful for the food I have to eat.

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