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Posted at — Jan 20, 2024

You have a laugh that fills more than just the room.

It’s gifted with the undeniable quality to touch the soul. A sound that resonates through my ears, reverberates into the core of my being, echoing in my heart’s chamber like a drum to its beat.

A laugh that suffocates sorrow with its sound, waters the seed of life with its depth. The laugh that yanks me into the present; the one that pierces through all the worldly misery, ignites that inner essence with a flame that never extinguishes, a sound that’s never stale.

Forgive me, for I’m selfish; I tell jokes to hear you die of laughter. And even then, I’d need to revive you back, just to bask in your laughter once more.

You have the laugh I’d conjure a million jokes to hear, and also the one I stay silent for. You have a laugh that fills more than just the room—it echoes deeply within the soul.

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