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Water Faucet

Posted at — Mar 29, 2020

This is part of the grateful series.

Turn the handle of a faucet, and you get water.

Twist the knob of a stove, and you get fire.

Flip a switch, and you get light.

Press a button, and you get wind.

The human species have been able to leverage technology to domesticate some of nature’s most powerful resources. We usually take these for granted, but to think that at a time, a former era of humans didn’t have this same access to convenience, can be empowering.

In thinking of how fortunate we are to have these at our expense, it makes you think how you can better use your time.

For instance, prehistoric humans would spend their day searching for water, and creating a fire for the food they gathered on that day. And that was their day. That’s all. They spent their day trying to survive.

We were given the improbable opportunity to born into an era where we have all of the human necessities at our fingertips. It then, makes sense to use the time that we would otherwise use for survival, to improve our quality of life. Whether that be through education, mindfulness or what have you, it puts things into perspective of the daily struggles we have, and how fortunate we are to have them.

Perhaps, in this time of pandemonium, it’s hard to adopt such a view.

Either way, I’m grateful, and feel empowered to use the spare time I’ve been given for something positive.

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