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Posted at — May 28, 2021

A person is a reflection of their values. Here’s what I value.

1. Strength

Mental Strength
Physical Strength

To be physically strong is to be physically prepared. Physique is a byproduct, vanity should never be the goal.

Emotional Strength

2. Intention

3. Respect

This is easy when you understand that no one is special (or not special). We’re all byproducts of the micro-interactions of life. If someone was born in the exact position as me, they’d turn out to be me. The same holds for me to them.

Respect is easy when you see yourself in everyone—the human.

4. Awareness

We are each as fallible as the next—don’t forget this. It’s OK to not be perfect, try to recognize where you fall short.

5. Ego-less

Ego is a blinding force. We should work hard and long to diminish the ego. Accept being be less blind. Strive for 20/20 vision.

6. Reliability

We live in a extremely connected world; strive to ensure that any connection to you is reliable. That is, people can trust you and count on you.

7. Focus

Should not be confused with productivity. A busy life is not a productive one. A productive life is not an enticing one. Rest—but be focused on rest when you’re resting.

8. Kindness

Not to be confused with a people-pleaser.

As long as the other values are not compromised, treat everyone kindly. Avoid circumstances where kindness is not an option. If it comes to it, respect can be maintained.

9. Honesty

If you honestly feel like dishonesty is the right thing to do—then act on it.

Dishonesty should never be justified by discomfort, though.

10. Value

In attending to these values, I hope to converge to the most valuable person I can be. I believe there’s some sense of purpose in transcending your limits and striving to be valued by those around you. As a son, parent, husband, father—I want to add value.

Am I all these things? (answer: no)

I’m most certainly not—especially not in the capacity I’d want to be in them. These values each exist on a spectrum. I value these things because they’re challenging. Identifying them is the first step in converging upwards on the spectrum.

Last Revised: May 27th, 2021.

(While values shouldn’t necessarily be malleable, life experience will certainly encourage me to update this list as new evidence presents itself.)

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