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Toy Story

Posted at — Sep 10, 2020

I didn’t realize how young the computer-animation industry is. I’m taking a computer graphics course this semester, and we briefly discussed the history of the field.

The professor cited some interesting instances in time, one of those being the year of 1995, when the first fully computer-animated feature film, Toy Story, was released.

Toy Story feels familiar.

Its part of the set of movies I grew up with, the ones I associate with my childhood.

To think it was the first of its kind feels almost serendipitous. My youth coincided with this feat of engineering that, as a kid, I took for granted.

I was unaware of its novelty, until now. It’s always a moving experience when we rewrite one of our interpretations of the past.

In some sense, you revisit your mind, in this case the mind of a younger, 5 year old Paarth, and update it with a newer understanding.

I feel lucky that I’m born in a position where I can have experiences like those that I did, and assume they were ordinary.

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