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Posted at — Mar 11, 2021

A thunderstorm excites all the human senses.

A monumental moment that arouses our sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

A flash of white light cuts through the dark night sky, capturing my vision.

My eyes are glued to the sky when a loud, roaring bang fills my eardrums.

The accompanying rains crashes down hard on my back, drips down the contour of my body, and touches my hand before it departs to the ground.

The earthy smell that follows – petrichor – fills my nostrils.

My hair, now completely drenched in water, reaches its capacity. Remaining water flows from my face, some into my mouth. The taste of this water is not quenching, not pleasant, or distasteful – it just is.

The human experience is so vast when deconstructed; it’s powerful to observe each component.

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