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Posted at — Apr 3, 2021

Teaching is the art of making things simple.

A good explanation is hard to find––it requires a deep and true understanding of the subject matter.

I solidify my own understanding of something by trying to communicate it. My blog is an embodiment of this sentiment.

I try to teach myself how to think. Along the way I find flaws, holes, and assumptions in my reasoning I didn’t know were there.

Teach to uncover your own shortcomings.

A digression to express gratitude:

The value of education is immeasurable. I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to learn, and the access I have to learn.

I’m grateful for those who graciously dedicate their lives to teach; to disseminate knowledge and empower others.

The quest for knowledge would not be enticing if we didn’t have people willing to share what they’ve learned.

I’m grateful for my parents for placing a strong emphasis on education.

I’m grateful for the freedom I possess to study what truly interests me.

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