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Posted at — Jul 2, 2021

This is a reminder to myself. Here are all of the others.

I have the greatest superpowers in the world.

The ability to walk and run.
The ability to skate under the sun.
The ability to dance for fun.

The power to wave my hand.
The power to sit and stand.

The ability to switch on my light.
The ability to write.
The ability to sleep at night.

Recently, I was reminded of how truly super these abilities are.

Superman has his kryptonite to distinguish his super powers from the rest of his abilities. I suppose I had a run-in with my very own kryptonite.

It’s a pity that I forget the vastness of my fortune.

It can take a loss of ability to remind ourselves what we truly have.

I’m grateful I lost my powers for some time—I learned how super they really are.

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