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Story of Life

Posted at — May 6, 2021

Our life is often viewed as a story. We’re the main character, and the plot consists of the events that unfold in our life.

If we use this analogy, how should we perceive the severity of events of the present moment? In a book, it’s clear. An event might mark the turn of a page or the end of a chapter. Perhaps, even, the end of the book.

In our life, though, it’s hard to perceive the significance of a moment because the rest of the story is pending. That’s the subtle difference and where, I feel, the analogy breaks down.

The length of our book is unknown, so perception is a stronger force than when reading.

Does the conflict I face today constitute a page turned or a chapter closed? Am I approaching the end of the book or have I not yet finished the introduction?

Life is beautiful because we can control the narrative. We are the authors of the book. We determine what makes the cut. Is the conflict you face today even worth entering the story? Possibly. That’s up to you, I suppose.

You can perceive today’s conflict as the climax of the book. It can also be a sentence on a page in a chapter of a book that makes one of many in the series.

Ironically, life is debilitating for this same reason. What if we have a hard time turning the page. What if I’m a horrible author and don’t know when to conclude my sentences. What if I don’t think the page should be turned.

I suppose, then, I just need to work on my storytelling skills. A great story has a reasonable pace and interesting conflict. It features solid character development and usually a theme—a message.

If I’m truly the author of my story, then I’m doing a disservice by living life in these long-winded sentences. A good author knows when to end the chapter and seek out a new plot point. Perhaps, it truly is to my benefit to turn the page.

Perhaps, there’s more in store for me: new opportunities for character development, new conflicts, and new resolutions.

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