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Posted at — May 18, 2020

On my nightly walk, I often find myself enslaved to the beauty that is the stars. I tend to look upwards, bathing in the beauty of the distributed stars across the night sky.

It’s a beautiful phenomenon that serves as a reminder of the magnitude of our universe, and the role we play in it all. A grain of sand in a beach doesn’t do justice to just how minute we are.

This realization – looking into the sky – brings an eerie feeling of joy, but more so feelings aligned with fulfillment and contentment.

A feeling of lightness that wasn’t necessarily happiness, rather, and perhaps more, the relaxation of the stresses of the now.

I couldn’t help but let out a smile, take a deep breath, and continue to wander through the empty streets of my neighbourhood, frequently peering upwards at the stars.

I tend to be absorbed by the things bothering me, so having this realization frequently is important to decoupling my day-to-day, and the bigger picture.

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