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Posted at — Jul 11, 2021

Classical mechanics provides us insight into how speed is related to energy.

Based on observation of our universe, we’ve concluded that the kinetic energy of a mass \( m \) travelling in a non-rotating fashion at speed \( v \) is described as

\( KE = \frac{1}{2}mv^2 \)

The particular relation that is of interest to me is

\( KE \propto v^2 \)

It’s quite revealing that the energy we carry is related to the square of our speed.

A crash at 70 km/h is significantly worse than a crash at 60 km/h because the energy you carry is significantly larger. The kinetic energy is expended in the frictional forces as we stop (typically by your body, the vehicle, etc.)

The physical implications suggest that we ought to be wary of our speed.

I think there’s a more interesting parallel beyond just the physical implications; the velocity with which we structure our life seems to be just as important.

I find whenever I’m speeding through life it tends to come crashing down at some point. It appears the “faster” I go, the larger the resulting dissonance becomes.

I’ve learned over time that I distract myself using my routine. I fill my days to the brim, most hours planned to the minute. I think I’m scared to stay still because there’s still some unresolved conflict sitting in my core. It’s unfortunate, but writing like this always reminds me to address it instead of speeding away from it.

I have a slight aversion to addressing what arises in stillness. As a consequence, I speed my life up to create an immense distraction. Recently, this speed came crashing down. I had an opportunity to, again, introspect my core.

Fortunately, this is familiar territory. It also appears to be a cyclical. I think each time I delve back into my conflict, I chip a small piece of it away. I think the positive outlook is that I’m making progress—albeit extremely slowly.

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