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Posted at — Jan 16, 2021

This is a reminder to myself. Here are all of the others.




Why’d I post this picture?

Here’s your answer.

How long will I keep this up?

There’s a good chance it doesn’t make it past the drafts. If it does – hopefully my kids see my ridiculous hair style: kids, this was in the middle of a year long quarantine, and curly hair was arguably in style.

I wonder if my hair will still be curly if and when I have kids. I wonder if someone will read this post when my hair is filled with greys. Maybe it’s you grand-kiddos? Hello!

What’s going on here?

I’m highjacking this post since no one is going to look here (other than you kids!)

Threading funny pictures overtime that I think will incite some stories.


This is when I almost died and broke some bones. At least my curls were poppin' (I think). There’s a lot of stories here, but unlikely that I’ll share them publicly. I’ll just have to tell you them when you’re ready!

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