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Skipping Rope

Posted at — Mar 17, 2020

I recently purchased a skipping rope, in response to needing to maintain social distance due to COVID-19. With gyms closing, I figured I’d need a good way to get in my HIIT cardio sessions, with minimal equipment, and so I thought a skipping rope would be a good start.

I’ve really enjoyed jumping rope, so far. I prefer it over other forms of cardio because it’s mentally stimulating. I’m a beginner, so synchronizing my feet, maintaining a rhythm, and learning new tricks help challenge me physically, but also mentally. Take the infamous boxer skip, for instance. It’s a high-endurance way to skip rope, and requires decent footwork, rhythm and overall coordination amongst the body. I enjoy that the rope has levels of progression, and I can constantly grow.

As a sidebar, I’ve noticed the moment cardio becomes mentally dull, is the moment you begin to hate cardio. Switch it up, try something new!

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