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Shower Thoughts

Posted at — Apr 5, 2020

This is part of the grateful series.

Shower thoughts are a common occurrence to many of us.

Recently, though, I had a shower thought about shower thoughts.

While showering, it dawned on me how fortunate I am to have the luxury of thinking in the shower –– to formulate thoughts, as I enjoy a stream of water pour down.

The concept has been normalized to many of us –– one that that we understand and relate to.

Thinking further on this idea, however, reveals an array of ways in which we can feel grateful and appreciative of our circumstance.

One, and perhaps most direct, is the level of convenience and lack of worry we possess when dealing with water consumption.

To stand under a shower is to have significant free flowing water at your disposal.

To develop deep thoughts while showering, though, is to not worry about the flowing water.

It’s important to remind ourselves that there are currently places and people who don’t have consistent access to drinking water, let alone a consistent set of water to be used for bathing. It’s interesting, and very grounding to enjoy, detach from, and be present in, our current circumstances – but to also not let them define us.

In a simpler sense, to be in a position where it’s normalized to spend additional time in the shower to think and relax, and for that experience to be common enough that you and I both have a good sense of what it is, is a privilege in and of itself.

The next time you come up with your most profound shower thought, I encourage you to also reflect on your ability to do so.

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