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Posted at — Feb 28, 2021

I’m apprehensive about exploring topics such as this, because my public perception is coupled with what I choose to write about.

I write, still.

The idea of the blog is to encourage independent thought. There’s nothing inherently wrong about exploring subject matters that aren’t openly talked about.

Here’s one.

The implications of sexual drive are undeniable. As a race, we’ve progressed so far from our biological roots that we tend to feel we’re above our physiological desires.

Let’s recall: as a species, the single most important process is reproduction.

Whether it’s a priority for you at an individual level is unimportant. As a collective, though, it’s a necessity that we continue to engage sexually to progress the species. It’s an incentive that unifies us, and one that is shared amongst us all – generally.

Now, the interesting insight with humans is how far away we tend to live from the physiological needs.

What makes us human is our progression from the animalistic, carnal nature of, well, other animals. I use the term animal in the colloquial sense, not the biological one.

We’re complicated.

We’re beings of status, ego, fame, love, hate, friendship, trust, and commitment.

We’re beings of education, wisdom, self awareness, and purpose.

As a biological species, our purpose is clear.

But, as beings that seem to transcend just our physiological purpose, we want more from life. We look for meaning – we look for purpose.

As a 20-year old male, I’m at the peak of my manhood. I like to think that I’ve made myself aware of the forces that exist within me. The incentives that drive me, and the reasons they exist. Let’s remember: our bodies love to incentivize action.

When you need to eat, you’ll feel hungry.
When you need to sleep, you’ll feel tired.

The analogs continue. Why shouldn’t they?

Personally, I’ve observed this drive as nothing more than a reminder of my basic physiological needs. By viewing it this way, I’ve overcome many of the negative aspects this drive presents.

We live in an age of instant gratification. Our drives can be quenched in a matter of seconds, often contrary to the way they’re supposed to.

When you’re hungry, you can get an instant rush from processed sugar. When in human evolution was there ever a dense amount of sugar that wasn’t surrounded by the necessary fibre? Never.

When you’re tired, you can get an instant awakening from a large energy drink. When in human evolution was there ever a time you could circumvent sleep? Never.

When you’re sexually driven, primed to reproduce, you can get an instant feeling of accomplishment through pornography. When in human evolution was there ever a time you could circumvent the sexual relationship between humans? Never.

In the past, our problems were of scarcity. Today’s problems are of saturation.

There’s too much of everything.

In a scarce world, humans needed determination – to find food, and shelter.

In a saturated world, humans need discipline – to overcome the downfalls of instant gratification.

My opinion on sex is as follows. Sex is, obviously, not a bad thing. It’s necessary for the humans species.

It’s like any other drive, though.

Drives or desires can consume you, particularly when you don’t know they exist.

They can take the steering wheel. I think there’s incredible power in devaluing your desires and seeing them for what they are.

In this case, sexual desire is nothing more than a reminder that you should have kids for the sake of our species – that’s all.

I’d assume sex is a great avenue to strengthen a relationship. Sharing a space filled with vulnerability and responsibility. A vehicle for trust, commitment, honesty, and love. Ultimately though, sex is an act with an end-goal – to produce some lovely children.

I think that’s how it should be viewed, too. Nothing more, nothing less.

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