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The Rollercoaster of Emotions

Posted at — Mar 24, 2021

Last week was a particularly low week for me. This week seems to be high. I think that analysis right there is the problem, though.

I attach value and derive pleasure from having a good day or good week. I’ll think to myself, “wow, this was a fantastic day”.

I haven’t fully understood what composes these good days.

Maybe it’s quality of sleep.
Maybe it’s the weather outside.
Maybe it’s what I ate.
Maybe it’s stress levels.
Maybe it’s a good workout.

Either way, I make it clear to myself, inherently, which days are good and which are bad.

Suddenly, when I have a bad day or an emotionally low one, I spiral.

I quickly regress and the feeling of a bad day compounds. I long to reach the good days again, which further cements the unhealthy paradox of desire.

I’m making a commitment to strive to treat each day equally––to flatten out the emotional rollercoaster.

It starts with lessening the importance of good days. If there are no good days, naturally there can’t be any bad days.

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