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Posted at — Nov 11, 2020

It’s an important day. November 11th.

Remembrance day.

A day to realize we’re not alone in the lives we live today.

A day to realize its the sacrifices of many others that let us live the lives we live today.

Many people died so that I could exercise my freedom. The freedom I use to write this post, or take a walk outside.

The duty, loyalty, and courage of others. The willingness to place a mission above themselves. I respect, admire, and aspire to operate in this same way.

An old friend is pursuing a pathway in the Canadian forces, and without a doubt, I look up to him. I look up to him, not for his specific interests, but his courageousness, discipline, persistence, and integrity.

I live, in the metaphorical sense, far from anyone in military. I’m reminded of this friend each year because he stands as more than just a great friend – rather a symbol for all I don’t understand, and all that I try to reflect on – on this day.

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