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Posted at — Jan 9, 2021

This is part of the grateful series.

There’s just something about raspberries.

They’re sweet, they’re sour, they’re filled with fibre.

I grab a handful of raspberries and give them a thorough cleanse.

I throw the fuzzy fruit into my mouth, a single berry at a time.

As I chew on the fruit, I learn what type of berry it is – it’s different everyday.

Some days, the sourness escapes the fruit and welcomes itself onto my palette.

A surge of electricity shivers through my tongue, up into my cheeks, down into my esophagus, and all throughout my body.

Other days, the sweetness prevails. As my teeth grind the fruit up into little bits, I observe the sweetness.

I tend to favour salty and savoury foods, so I prefer sour berries.

I appreciate the spontaneity, though. A raspberry can take on various flavours. It’s exciting not knowing which one, until you eat it.

I suppose raspberries are analagous to all other aspects of life – there’s no telling what will happen next.

I’m grateful for raspberries.
I’m grateful for the food I have to eat.

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