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Posted at — Mar 21, 2020

This is part of the grateful series.

A few nights ago, it was raining. It was the type of rain that was calm, quiet, and peaceful.

As I entered my bed, I couldn’t help but listen to the sound as the rain bounced off my window, or as the rain slowly trickled down and out through the downspout.

It was an enjoyable, peaceful experience, and it was quite short. I remember thinking about the rain, and shortly after I must’ve fallen asleep.

Reflecting on the experience, I think there’s more to it than just then me falling asleep at 9.

It’s another opportunity to be grateful.

When I heard the rain that night, I wasn’t at all concerned. Instead, my first reaction was a feeling of fondness and appreciation for the rain. I felt grateful to witness the rain – but that’s not the segment I’m exploring today.

I’m extremely grateful that I can even feel grateful towards the rain.

Rain is a natural phenomenon that occurs as a step in the water cycle. It also serves as a major inconvenience for most other mammals, and perhaps more eye-opening – other people across the world.

Not everyone is privileged enough to stay sheltered during downpour.

Rain is one of those things that is beautiful on observation, but usually extremely inconvenient whilst under it. To observe the rain, is to be sheltered.

My initial reflection was being grateful for the rain itself, but perhaps I’ve uncovered a barrier to entry on that quest. Having shelter is a prerequisite to enjoying rain, and I’d argue often goes unnoticed.

Perhaps the joy of observing rain sprouts from knowing you have the necessary shelter to be unaffected by it?

Before writing this piece, I rarely thought about these things: water, food, shelter. It sounds cliche, as these are often bundled together as the essentials. To have these is prerequisite to anything.

Reminding yourself of the things that seems so normalized is very important.

These primal needs are imperative and without them an instinct to acquire them preempts any other task. I suppose these needs are even prerequisite to critical thinking.

I’ve digressed substantially, but I’ve opted to keep the digression in the post, as it’s important to think about these basic primary needs that we take for granted on a daily basis.

To try to bring clarity to these thoughts, let’s outline the specific exercise this post gives rise to.

Identify something you’re grateful for, and then take a look at what preconditions are required to even be grateful for said entity. You can perform this at multiple levels, and I propose you’ll surprise yourself at how much has been normalized to you and I.

I’m making an assumption about your position, but if you’re reading this you likely have access to the internet and a device, which is far more than most.

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