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Posted at — Mar 18, 2020

I find myself trapped while in quarantine,
Unable to go and do as I please.
Isolated – with an upset routine,
Life has halted, put on hold – it’s on freeze.

In my journey of social distancing,
I have rekindled a bond with a friend.
The friend – my thoughts, has me doing some thinking,
That time alone is good, to grow and mend.

To reflect and practice introspection,
A chance to explore or learn something new.
To play, sing, spend time and show affection,
The possibilities are endless of things to do.

The changing world has made us feel trapped,
But perhaps gave us the chance to adapt.

The syntax isn’t perfect, and there isn’t a specific meter followed, but I felt like writing a slightly more creative piece so I decided to use a sonnet – if I can even call it one.

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