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Posted at — Apr 10, 2021

I wouldn’t be surprised if you––the reader–– have asked:

Why does Paarth choose to write publicly?

That’s a great question.

The answer has evolved over time. It’s important to re-examine the role of my platform, as it stands today.

Initially, as highlighted in my first post, I wanted to set up an accountability framework. Public perception is a great tool to encourage action––I used the public forum to commit to writing daily.

Writing daily has converged to semi-daily for me––and this is an outcome I’m thoroughly enjoying.

I write when I want to, but frequently enough that the habit doesn’t dissolve.

My blog could most definitely be private, and I’d still continue the habit of writing. The public is no longer necessary to encourage the ritual; it’s simply something I love to do.

So, that was the initial reason.

What about now?

Now, the public provides accountability on the quality of my thoughts instead of the frequency of them.

I write, mainly, for myself and for my future kids (hello kiddos, if that’s you!). I strive to develop and convey my ideas in a way that future-Paarth, or my wonderful children, would learn from.

As such, when I write publicly, there’s a bar––albeit a very low one––to maintain the quality and integrity of my ideas.

I make sure there’s a filter. One that helps me iterate on my ideas in a way that is loosely aligned with what I feel is worthy of public scrutiny.

In this way, I’ve developed good habits instead of bad ones.

I’ve converged to discussions about philosophy, meaning, learning, and self-reflection––all with honesty.

I’m not sure a private journal would do justice to these topics.

Maybe a private journal would converge to a food log or a place to draw doodles and make to-do lists. If I wrote privately, perhaps my notebook would be shared with my mathematics course, soon forgotten, collecting dust on the shelf.

If you’re a long-time reader, then you know my favourite thing to do is express gratitude:

I’m grateful for you, my imaginary reader, and the role you play in my life.

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