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Pen and Paper

Posted at — Aug 12, 2020

There’s nothing like writing on pen and paper.

I find the work I produce is far stronger when developed on pen and paper. I suppose the difference lies in the velocity at which I can ideate.

While typing, I can materialize my thoughts at a speed that is not much slower than my thinking speed. As such, from the inception of an idea, to its materialization, there isn’t a significant buffer to reconsider, or reconstruct my thoughts.

The result is often sloppier and less direct.

My message isn’t presented as clearly as it can be.

The physical boundary between an idea living in my head and living in our world should be sufficiently large. Not all ideas are good, and this boundary stands as a necessary filter on my ideas.

Handwriting is the perfect filter to separate noise from signal. This tripwire allows me to truly think about my ideas. It’s easy to incept an idea, and spew out all related ideas.

To create strong connections, and expend mental power to properly formulate my thoughts about a subject, is where growth lies.

Handwriting forces this.

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