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Pastel Sky

Posted at — Dec 13, 2020

This is part of the grateful series.

I usually take my daily walk at night.

This day landed in between a few exams and really hectic day at work, so I figured I take a mid-day walk, instead.

I saw the sun soon before it scurried away.

It left a gift for me in the horizon – a pastel sky.

Pastel Sky

The diminishing sun light painted a soft, inviting scene in front of my eyes.

The peachy pinks, the polite purples, the yawning yellows, and the balanced blues – the pastel quartet that took my breath away.

Whenever I’m feeling particularly absorbed by my studies, or by my work – or both – a walk never fails to simmer me down. The vastness of the world makes all my problems feel insignificant. I’m a spec of dust in the world, and so are my problems.

It feels nice to be reminded of this.

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