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Posted at — Jan 16, 2021

As a kid, my nightmares were about monsters.
Now, my nightmares are about my life.

As a kid, I’d go to my parents,
and they’d tell me monsters aren’t real.

Now, I go to myself,
and tell myself my monsters are real.

As a kid, I’d watch a movie about ghosts.
Then, ghosts would haunt me in my sleep.

Now, I live life,
and my life haunts me in my sleep.

As a kid,
I’d wake up before the monster killed me.

Now, I wish to stay in my nightmares longer,
to see what would’ve happened.

As a kid, I’d run away from the monsters in my nightmares.

Now, I have nightmares because I run away from my monsters.

I have a tendency to suppress what’s bothering me internally. It manifests in different ways – like nightmares.

Holding myself accountable by writing that I will explore what’s wrong inside.

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