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Posted at — Apr 15, 2020

This is a reminder to myself. Here are all of the others.

No entity is innately positive or negative. These labels are added in perception.

I’m not sure there’s a specific idea from a specific person or book I read, but this is a concept I’ve been formulating overtime and has been moulded by many of the things I consume. I write this quote to myself as part of my daily reminders.

The idea of entities exhibiting natural neutrality is powerful.

It means any experience you face, any idea you come across, any people who you meet – all labelled by you.

If something angered you, upset you, or similarly, made you feel happy, it’s all rooted at your own perception, and not the something.

We, as humans, possess the immensely powerful ability to control ourselves. Control is especially important in the context of perception. Once we realize and accept that the qualities of an experience are labelled by us, we can then choose better labels, or perhaps larger, no labels at all.

Experiences, entities, ideas – they don’t require or ask to be labelled.

Striving for neutrality in perception seems to be a gateway to feeling fulfilled, as we’ve effectively removed a large base that you could argue feeling fulfilled is built on.

How you experience is life, is in large, how you will feel while living life.

To live in a perception-driven way is to forbid yourself of living.

Removing perception is probably close to impossible, but being aware of its downfalls is the goal of this post. I’m not going to suddenly live in neutrality.

I hope, however, I become more cautious of which entities I choose to label, and which I simply let become experiences that occurred; nothing more, nothing less.

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