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Mi Amore: Music

Posted at — Feb 20, 2021

This is part of the grateful series.

Music plays an important role in my life.

I want to express gratitude for the friendly frequencies that bring my feelings into fruition.

I’m grateful I can listen to music. I’m grateful that I have two functioning ears. I’m grateful that I live in a time where various music is made accessible to me.

I can travel to 1995 and pick my side in the notorious “East Coast vs. West Coast” hip-hop rivalry. I can listen to 2Pac even though I’m not living in his era.

I can attend Tchaikovsky’s ballets without needing to be in the high-upper class, own a tuxedo, and live in 1875.

I can listen to music released in India without needing to stay awake in the wee hours of Eastern Standard Time.

I can travel to my childhood and seek nostalgia in the songs I used to listen to, back then.

I can create my own music. The shared language and expressive power a musical staff and clef grant me are infinite.

Music is so vast in what it can do, and I’m grateful I get to experience it.

Simultaneously, I’m reminded of its hold over me.

I feel incomplete without listening to music. It’s as though I need it to shelter myself from the music of my mind – my own thoughts. Sometimes, I’m anxious to go on walks without music because I don’t want to uncover what’s up there. I wrote, in detail, about this here.

For accountability: I’m going to start going on walks without music.

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