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Missing Someone

Posted at — Apr 12, 2021

Human interaction is so complex; it’s beautiful.

The way we experience one another is hard to describe and hard to identify.

Interestingly, I learn of the ways I experienced someone when I miss them.

I’ve realized there are so many interactions that I never realized occurred. Only when I miss those interactions do I learn they were there at all.

I miss shaking hands and sharing a hug.

I miss sharing a smile and making eye contact.

I miss their sounds of speaking and their way of walking.

I miss the way they eat and what they choose to eat.

Are you really aware of these interactions when they happen?

Possibly––maybe I was simply blind to these beauties of life.

I’m grateful for all the ways we build and experience interactions with one another.

I’m grateful I’ve learned early enough to never take those ways for granted.

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