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Posted at — Jun 12, 2020

Death has been a topic on my mind recently. Particularly, my own death.

Rest assured, this thought isn’t coming from a morbid place, rather an acceptance and realization of the inevitable.

I find that with these thoughts of my own demise, I end up back at this blog. I think about how this collection of thoughts – my posts – can serve as a memoir.

I think that’s the power of creation. Leaving a small legacy behind.

Of course, even our legacies are ephemeral, for it will only take a few generations to become obsolete. While this blog may serve as a memoir to my kids (hey kiddos, if that’s you), or perhaps only to my peers if my end is earlier than anticipated, it’ll surely disintegrate as time progresses.

This blog will devolve into the last indexes of Google, and soon it’ll be a page that merely existed at a point in time.

The legacy is small, temporary, and useless. It’s still cool to build, though.

I haven’t been as disciplined with my blog, and part of that was the velocity with which I was writing.

I’m going to increase that. No editing. No writing-over-multiple-sittings.

The goal is to open, to type, and to publish. That’s the way I can create this lousy, temporary, legacy.

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