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Martial Arts

Posted at — Mar 10, 2021

I’ve used my blog to solidify action and create long term plans.

Here’s what I’m thinking next:

Martial Arts.

Practicing a martial art is appealing to me for a variety of reasons.

1. Self-defence

This one is rather obvious.

I have virtually no skill in self defence. I have a nice jab and a decent hook, but nothing that would protect me.

2. Confidence

I feel safety is an illusion in our civilized society. I operate under the pretense that everyone is well-mannered and would do no harm to another. My confidence is directly related to how in-control I feel in any circumstance. If safety is derived, how confident can I really be? If something were to actually happen, what would I do?

Training in martial arts gives you knowledge. Knowledge is the route to action. Martial arts enables action in the same way first aid training does. I want to be fully utilized.

3. Humbling

I haven’t trained yet, but I operate under the assumption that entering the journey of martial arts is a humbling experience. To realize how poorly I perform and how vast the skill set truly is.

I live a fairly soft and cushy life. In the last year I’ve started to cut myself less slack and adopt a stoic mindset. The idea is simple: if you’re used to getting punched in the face, how bad can everything else be?

4. Violence

Violence exists in all of us. It’s a component that we actively suppress to create a civilization. When I’m surrounded by those younger than me (or I take the dominating presence in a room), and there’s a spider in the room, my violence is what comes out.

I’ve never witnessed my violent side; I haven’t been in really any confrontations. I think exploring where violence truly lives will be an informative experience.

It’s important to learn about all of my sides to grasp true control over myself.

5. Patience

Like any long-term pursuit, time is the name of the game. Consistent small efforts over long enough periods of time reaps rewards.

Having not given this too much thought yet, I’m currently considering one of:

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