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Purpose: Love

Posted at — Dec 30, 2020

This post is a part of a series where I explore my purpose in life.

I want to share the unconditional love of my kids with someone else.

We will try to replicate that unconditional love as best as we can, knowing all too well that our love will never be as strong as that for our kids.

I hope to use the relationship as a mirror of my own flaws. To take ownership and strive to improve myself – and only myself.

To learn about commitment and the true meaning of compromise. To decouple happiness and fulfillment, and feel confident in my actions.

To learn about the importance of being content independently first, and remaining content together, second.

To digest the value of self-awareness and destroy the notion of myself.

I look forward to meeting my wife, and that chapter of life, if it does come.

Love is not exclusive to a romantic relationship.

I place purpose in building and strengthening relationships with friends and family, too.

I want to be a loving person. As I become more self-aware, make myself aware of my own flaws, and come to terms with who I am, the more I can love.

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