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Posted at — Mar 12, 2021

I enjoyed the format of the last post; this is a fast-follow.

A kiss excites all the humans senses.

An ephemeral experience with eternal value – it lasts a second, but it lives for a lifetime.

A kiss is not about what you see, it’s about what you saw.

You lean in for a kiss, and just before you close your eyes, you snap a picture.

A mental image of the person opposite develops, as your vision fades to black.

We trust that in the shared darkness, the other person remains. There’s no way of knowing, though. Perhaps the person does disappear? Maybe replaced by a magical Angel––I suppose it feels like that, anyways.

As the pair of lips unify, a surge of electricity passes through the now-closed circuit. The whizzing of the current felt by the lips, and heard by the ears.

The pairing of the lips does more than connect mouths––heartbeats align. The soul feels the thump of the synchronized beats. The lips exchange nature’s currency for affection––warmth.

The taste is sweet; like insulin to a diabetic, like sugar in Chai.

The human experience is so vast when deconstructed; it’s powerful to observe each component.

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