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Posted at — Jan 25, 2021

This is part of the grateful series.

I woke up nice and early today.

It was pitch black. The dawn of the morning was enticing so I decided to move my daily walk up.

I quietly tippy-toed my way downstairs, so as to not wake up anyone else. I found my winter jacket. I threw it on and zipped it up.

Hidden inside my jacket were a pair of gloves – how convenient.

I took my first step into the inviting morning and shut the door behind me.

As I settled into my walk, I felt like the city around me was asleep. This makes sense, mostly because most people were asleep.

I felt like the city itself was asleep too, though. It felt like houses were asleep. It felt like cars were asleep. It felt like the roads were asleep.

Just as I cautiously exited the house so as to not disturb my family, I felt the same urge to walk quietly so as to not awake the city.

Like I was treading on thin ice, or walking near the crib of baby who never goes to sleep.

My breathing was controlled and my footsteps followed a similar cadence.

I felt invisible, as though no one would know I was ever there. I felt small in our vast universe. It’s so powerful to understand the magnitude of our world.

Then, with this peace I obtained, I felt grateful.

Grateful for my winter jacket.

My walking companion; a companion who graciously hugs me during the entirety of my walk.

Without my jacket, I wouldn’t have obtained the peace I felt this morning.

I’m grateful for my jacket.
I’m grateful for the clothes I have to wear.

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