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In Plain Sight

Posted at — Sep 23, 2022

This is part of the grateful series.


The sky and clouds never fail to amaze me. In fact, many of my posts are centred thematically around expressing gratitude for the sky and clouds.

The sky is all-encompassing and overbearing. When you step outside, there’s simply nothing bigger than it. It takes on unique forms; overwhelming on some days and underwhelming on others. I’d argue because of its range and frequency in our view, we take it for granted. Everytime you step outside, or peer out the window you can see the sky. But, how many times each day do you concretely observe the sky?

I notice anytime I do choose to consciously observe the sky it has a powerful effect. Coming to terms with its magnitude, the complexity of the clouds, the scattering of sunlight through the ever-changing patterns, the assortment of hues, colours and shades: it’s an exercise in surrendering my ego. In those moments when I’m truly interpreting the vastness of our world, I forget about me. The notion of myself, the value I place on my thoughts, and the identity I carry with me vanish—I’m simply an observer.

It’s a great feeling and is probably why I resonate with these environments. They’re opportunities to disconnect and detach. Immersing myself in nature has become a channel to experiencing the present moment.

I’m grateful for the sky: each day it presents me the opportunity to step outside my ego and observe our universe as it is.

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