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Posted at — Nov 9, 2020

Would you hug me? Keep that thought on the back burner.

Hugs are awesome.

While difficult to dissect, a hug is surely composed of a few feelings: safety, comfort, and warmth.

During a hug, I feel secure and sheltered from all wrong. I’m comforted in knowing someone is willing to hug me. Warmth is nice. I tend to think warmth is nature’s currency for affection.

Hugs are a transcendental experience. No exchange occurs, where one person loses something and the other gains. It’s an experience where both people gain.

Both parties share, in unison, the joy of a hug.

I wonder if the joy of a hug lies in the shared vulnerability.

To engage in a hug, we have to open up – literally. We find comfort in the act of opening our arms to one another.

We bathe in this exposure, and find happiness in knowing someone can be vulnerable with us.

Whether you would hug someone or not, speaks volumes about your relationship with them.

Well, would you hug me?

Your answer tells me how willing you are to be vulnerable with me.

Now, I wonder, what other joys of life are hidden behind vulnerability?

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