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Healing Time

Posted at — Mar 15, 2021

They say, “time heals everything”.

While I think this is rooted in the truth, it requires a few amendments:

“Time, as defined by the amount of experiences had, heals everything”.

If time is simply a measurement of days passed, then I don’t think it heals everything. Time, in this sense, is simply a measurement or construct of elapsed time.

It doesn’t speak to the amount of experiences had or the opportunities to heal.

The pandemic has brought into question many of my beliefs: grievance being one of them.

If your days are stale –– same routine day in, day out –– then it’s my claim there isn’t much space to heal. So, days go by, weeks go by, months go by, years go by––but the experiences necessary to heal, don’t.

Normally, there’s no difference between time and experience. As time elapses, the implication is that experiences are had.

In a pandemic, this hasn’t been the case.

I feel it’s why rehabilitation in prison is never really effective. If you’re left to your devices for years on end with no life to live in between, how much can one really grow?

Funnily, perhaps this speaks to my lack of experience, or time. Maybe it really is just time.

Maybe you can heal and grieve with time, and only time. Perhaps it’s possible to move on internally, and not require external experience to trigger opportunity for healing.

I reread the post and completely disagree: it must be possible. Healing comes from within and requires zero external experience.

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