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Posted at — Aug 8, 2021

Yesterday, I picked out some vegetables from our garden. Today, I grilled them.

I told my Grandma I intended on cooking some meat for the week. I like to prepare a few days worth of protein on the barbeque along with some fibrous carbs. She’s normally interested. Not for the meat, but to request some vegetables of her choice to be grilled.

She suggested we stuff the pepper with some masala and cook them on the grill. I thought it was a great idea. There’s something extremely rewarding about growing your own food, then preparing and eating it. I believe it appeals to my desire for self-sufficiency. I wouldn’t feel capable of following the patterns of our ancestors and hunting for food each day—at least not with the skills I currently possess. I suppose gardening appeals to the farmer lifestyle, and at that, I’d feel slightly more comfortable.

Stuffed Peppers

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