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Gorgeous Gradient

Posted at — May 18, 2020


As usual, the photograph doesn’t quite encapsulate just how magnificent the real world feels, looks, or is experienced.

On my nightly stroll through the park, I stood in front of this canvas. A perfect gradient, emitting an array of various emotions. Perhaps more precisely, various emotions I was extracting from the view that lay in front of me.

The perfect integration of these perceived colours painted across the sky. The connection, so seamless, so real, that I perceived the gradient to be its own colour. The blending among these various shades of blue and orange transcended the artificial gradients we perceive elsewhere.

The depth and magnitude of the colour set painted on this massive all-embracing canvas, led me to feel very passionate. About what, I’m not really sure.

The deep blue of the forthcoming night, and the hurrying, though calming, orange of the setting sun, intertwine to create a perfect duality. A balance.

It seems lately most of my writing is based on recounts of my strolls: clouds, stars.

I enjoy the observational aspect of my walks, as it demands an innate attention and focus.

It requires me to detach from my current state and in some sense live in the moment. Perhaps this tendency to seek observation is a masking a larger need to escape and distract myself from truly being present. Perhaps that’s a discussion for a different post.

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