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Good Morning

Posted at — Jul 18, 2021

Good Morning!

A well-meant morning greeting can hold a lot of value. Conversely, the greeting is so frequently used that its value may have degraded through saturation.

I want to dissect what I mean when I wish someone a good morning. I also want to clarify how I perceive a good morning. I think, through reexamining this greeting, I can rediscover the beauty and significance it carries.

When I impart my wish of a good morning to another, I wish they find the energy to get through their day. I hope they uncover a purposeful day. I wish, not that they have a conflict-free day, but that they possess the strength to traverse any conflict that presents itself.

I hope I can impart my wish with a smile, hoping it won’t be the only one they see that day.

Of all, I hope they live a life where they wish to hear the next good morning.

I think it would be odd to perceive a good morning in any other way than in the way I intend to wish one.

With social interaction ramping up, an action I’ll take is wishing more people a good morning.

Good Morning!

With sincerity,

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