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Flapping Wings

Posted at — May 7, 2021

I engaged with a bird at the park—it was an encounter of the eyes.

As I sat mesmerized by the flight of this bird, I found an opportunity to learn.

The bird was flying in circles, roughly matching the perimeter of the lake underneath it. It flapped its wings rapidly for a short burst, then immediately stopped as it transitioned into a glide.

Its flight was simply this.


The intervals of each lasted roughly the same time.

Just as I was out to seek some rest amidst the entropy of life, it was doing the same.

It appears the progression of life is but a sequence of these two states—motion and rest. Not one better than the other. Each only valuable with the other.

Overcoming inertia is about changing velocity. I’ve been predisposed to believe this is about moving from rest—acceleration.

This is partially true, but an equal representation of overcoming inertia is the act of entering rest from motion.

Learning when and how to decelerate is just as important; learning when to break is just as important.

Find what needs to be done to maintain this balance. For me, this is walking, writing, lifting, breathing, smiling, talking, and sitting.

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