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Fast Forward

Posted at — Sep 19, 2021

As I’ve grown, the distance between my parents and I has decreased. I feel closer to them not in proximity, but in understanding.

Nowadays my questions go unanswered and I’ve learned that many of things I don’t know, they don’t know either. As the blinders of youth begin to fade in my life, I believe I see the world in a way that’s closer to way they see it.

I’ve been able to observe the ways in which I’m similar to my parents; I’ve adopted many of their positive traits and flaws, alike. When I look at them, I see a blueprint of what my life may look like a few decades down the line.

It’s like I possess an image of the fast-forwarded version of my life. Framing the relationship with my parents in this way enables two things. First, I possess the ability to choose which traits I do and don’t want in myself. Second, I can use their life experiences as a way to strengthen my own judgement.

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