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Family Man

Posted at — Aug 19, 2021

I tend not to aspire towards any labels or identities. For instance, I don’t aspire to be famous, rich or any other label of the sort. I’m as infallible as the rest though, so sometimes I do catch myself aspiring or wanting to adopt certain identities. One I think would be acceptable to carry is being a family man.

I respect that traits required to be a family man (or woman). My understanding of this term, as it would apply to me, is simple; a man that puts their family first. Selfless, determined, strong-valued, dependable, loving.

I think building a family presents extremely interesting challenges, and comes with important responsibilities. As I try to navigate life and better understand why I’m here, building my own family appears rather appealing. It requires of me that I’m self-assured, thinking clearly, confident, able to lead, capable of love, and willing to detach. After all, building a family isn’t a lifelong mission, for in 20 years, my kids will want to start a family of their own.

I think it’d be an interesting segment of life and I’m looking to build and position myself to grab that opportunity if it arises.

As alluded to above, it’s important to not delude myself into thinking building a family will be everything. A well adjusted man knows his kids will move out at some point, so I think it’s important to find a few other things to do, too.

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