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Posted at — Dec 22, 2020

This is part of the grateful series.

I was studying for my last exam – an introduction to 3D computer graphics.

Visual perception is a large portion of the course. Understanding sensory perception, colour, perspective, and light are some of the fundamental concepts required to create a representative model of 3D objects, mathematically.

The eye has 3 colour sensors that perceive 3 distinct wavelengths.

The perceived wave can be decomposed using Fourier analysis to better understand the imperative frequencies.

As I was convincing myself of these observations, I felt like doodling.

So, I did.

Doodle of An Eye

I don’t think I’m good at drawing. But, I do have fun doing it.

I started drawing an eye. Eye couldn’t resist it.

The night before my exam with a lot of material left and here I was, meticulously shading in an iris, without a care in the world.

The convenience of a tablet gives me access to an entire drawer full of crayons. I have a magic eraser that gives me confidence to draw whatever I want. I know very well I can erase it within seconds.

I can realize creative energy in seconds and feel confident in doing so.

I’m grateful I have access to technology like this.
I’m grateful I get to learn about things that interest me.
I’m grateful I get to learn, at all.

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