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Doodle: Planter

Posted at — Apr 18, 2021

It seems like studying for computer science exams ignites my creative spark.

A few months ago I was doodling when I should’ve been studying for EECS3431. Today, I was doodling when I should’ve been studying for EECS3101.

“Should’ve” is emphasized for a reason—an important one.

I firmly believe exercising the creative muscle is an outlet for the mind. It’s not a coincidence my brain generates this longing for creative expression when I’m feeling stressed.

I think over the last year I’ve worked on nourishing it, trying to follow the urge whenever possible. This post is just another one of those instances.

I sprung my Mom a question—I asked,

“Mom, what should I draw?”.

She pointed at one of the many vases in the house, and said,

“Why not that planter!”


I tried going for a cute, cartoonish, aesthetic.

While I don’t think my drawings are great, I do thoroughly enjoy it.

I’m not very proficient with digital drawing, though I enjoy having an array of tools at my expense! I think my shading needs a little work. I like my colour selection and I feel my handwriting looks kinda cool and fun.

Tangentially, I wonder what goes into designing a typeface.

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