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Posted at — Mar 22, 2020

Choices, like handcuffs.
To slave to our distractions.
The key, we possess.

The things that distract us are almost always things we choose to slave to, or are things that we can actively try to suppress.

And yet we don’t.

Whether it’s mindless scrolling on social media, or laying around staring off, the small dopamine hit we acquire is so accessible that we can end up spending hours on end tapping into this feedback loop.

It is imperative to break this cycle of chasing after easily accessible, fast-to-consume, entities. They’re extremely dangerous because the body is conditioned to latch onto them once found.

It’s important to realize that the fulfillment and contentment we seek to achieve from mindlessly performing these activities is misplaced.

I currently believe this comes from exercising the present moment.

Whether that be through creation, writing, meditation, exercise, spending time with dear ones, etc. The list is not exhaustive, and I imagine is different for everyone.

I tried to encapsulate as much of these thoughts in the haiku. We are locked into the choices we make, and often choose to be controlled by our distractions.

It’s important to realize that we also have the key to free ourselves of these distractions.

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