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Posted at — Apr 10, 2020

This is a reminder to myself. Here are all of the others.

Discipline is the greatest form of dopamine.

This is a reminder I write for myself everyday. It’s something I’ve come up with to serve as a north star in the journey to conquer myself.

This doesn’t hold any scientific grounds, though it has a nice literary cadence to it.

In this case, dopamine is analogous to all things that incept short-term good feelings. We can associate this with anything we’re trying to overcome, wherein the sole reason we conduct that activity is for the dopamine associated with it.

Then, my conjecture is that exhibiting discipline in these cases, produces more dopamine. Again, I’m conflating these terms with their scientific counter-part.

Perhaps the underlying message is as follows:

The long-term reward of exhibiting self-discipline and control is far more fulfilling than any short-term hit from any activity. The greatest dopamine or feeling you can chase, is that one associated with discipline. Knowing you possess the focus, control, and live in a fulfilled state such that your desires don’t conquer you, as perhaps the only infinite source of dopamine. Everything else remains finite in their ability to fulfill.

Living like this is hard, and it’s human to chase desire.

It’s important to limit these to those which you are willing to struggle for.

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