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Delayed Gratification

Posted at — May 19, 2021

There’s great power in instituting delayed gratification. Personally, there are many facets of my life where I can better prioritize long-term rewards by postponing the quest for instant gratification.

Traditionally, delayed gratification is viewed as matter of possessing discipline and self-control. Without denying the importance of these qualities, I think delayed gratification can be made simpler when the fundamental idea is better understood.

Enacting delayed gratification is easy if you’ve digested the difference between long-term and short-term feats.

It’s my belief that fulfillment lies in work that spans longer periods of time. It appears most meaningful quests in life have this passage; the passage of time and consistent efforts.

Things are rewarding because they’re hard to accomplish. This understanding makes it easier to reason about prioritizing them long-term.

Now, each day, when it seems your efforts are futile, one can be justified in their actions. The importance of each day is understood. The importance is simply an understanding that efforts are compounded.

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