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Daily Standup

Posted at — Mar 1, 2021

My team works remotely. Each morning we have a digital standup where members of the team share what they’re working on, how they’re feeling, and any important updates.

The standup happens through a bot on Slack.

Each morning, the slack bot asks me how I’m feeling.
Each morning, I have a choice.

There’s times when I’m feeling tired, bummed-out, unmotivated or just plain OK.

Despite feeling this way, I find I tend to pick from the following options: good, great, awesome, fantastic.

There’s something powerful about self-reflecting on how you’re feeling, and pairing that with a reaffirmation or new direction.

The experience is profound, really.

Each morning I’m given the opportunity to take a pulse of how I’m really feeling, and then an opportunity to manifest a direction for how I will feel.


I’ve been working on something around this experience – more to come.

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