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Purpose: Creativity

Posted at — Dec 30, 2020

This post is a part of a series where I explore my purpose in life.

The perfect duality in my eyes: mastering my craft, and exercising my creativity.

This last year I’ve listened to my creative mind more than I ever have.

I started writing on this blog.

I started making music.

Creative outlets are just that. An opportunity to look inward, observe my emotions, let them move through me, self reflect, and then mirror them outwards onto a canvas.

I want to continue to be able to do this.

The more I create, the more creative sparks I tend to have.

The most impactful change I’ve made is listening to that creative spark.

When I get an idea, I observe it immediately. I let the idea take fruition and try to execute it while the inspiration exists.

The more I nurture my creative muscle, the more likely I am to do the same in the future.

It’s a creative flywheel of sorts.

My blogs.
My music.

Most pieces serve as capsules of the raw emotions I was feeling. They also store my observations of these feelings, my analysis, and how I navigated them.

I’ve been able to:

Examine my anger.
Realize my sadness.
Overcome my depression.
Solidify my gratitude.
Mourn loss.

This, all a result of letting my creative mind free.

I want to continue to be able to do this.

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