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Posted at — Oct 13, 2020

I think my purpose lies in creation.

My journey to finding this purpose started in software development, but at the time it was extremely narrow. I loved making applications and building cool things.

Then, I realized, that as a kid all the things I’d love doing, were forms of creation. Film-making, animation, writing and playing music, building cool hardware gadgets, wood-working – it’s all exploring the creativity in the mind, and manifesting it in a physical way.

The same carried through with my writing, making beats.

While these are all inherently different tasks, at the core, they are just forms of creation. Forms of building.

Suddenly, the scope of my purpose was not limited to a specific task. I don’t want to only be a software engineer, nor do I think it’s part of my identity.

I don’t want to only be a producer, nor do I think it’s part of my identity.

I identify with the love for building, and hence, place my purpose in it.

I find my love for creation replaces my desire for consumption.

I thoroughly enjoy exploring my inner creativity.

Creativity, as the name implies, is the art of creation.

Whether as a society we consider writing, making beats, or software development as a creative exercise is trivial. The box we place around creativity is very limited.

In some sense, I’ve personally redefined what it means to be creative.

Creativity is the art of listening to your heart.

Navigating and observing your heart, and outputting it through whichever tools we have at our disposable.

Some people would claim their tool of choice is painting, while others singing. Some would say writing is their tool of choice, and others perhaps software development. Either way, the commonality is that going into an exercise they don’t know where it’s going to end up. They let their hearts drive and use the tool only as a vehicle to express what they feel they need to express.

That’s the power of creation.

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